The Tremor of Levant, The sinkhole of Harasta, and the Caller


Recently, a lot of traditions of the Prophet (Hadeeth) have emerged in regards to the signs for the honourable appearance. He has become the male savior on everyone’s tongue. It is not only limited to the scholars and Muslims, but it has surpassed even to the rabbis of the Zionist sons and clergymen, the monks of Greece, and the general public of all colors and races. Humans of all groups and factions have begun to dive into the sea of novels, reference books, ancient manuscripts, sedition dictionaries, and epics, in search of signs that lead to this approaching great divine merit.
Perhaps the greatest force behind this unprecedented wave is the events in the land of Sham (Levant) which broke out four years ago. The events that it has witnessed and remains witnessing. The painful and bitter conflict behind more than half a million deaths and wounded. Causing the displacement of more than eight million Syrians. This fire that isn’t receding in the geography of the land of Sham. Contrarily, its fire has spread to neighbouring countries such as Lebanon and Iraq, just like the smoke which has reached regional and world countries.
These strange and extraordinary events have been reported in the novels of all the major religions (Islam / Christianity / Judaism). In addition to , these events do not resemble its predecessors since the time of Adam (peace be upon him) until today. It is the first time in history that the forces of the universe have combined, conspiring against a safe country, mobilizing its aircrafts, warships, tanks and soldiers, in and around it. For the first time in history the battle is involving people of all races, from the majority of countries (more than one hundred Arab and international citizens), and the super states (United States, Russia, Britain and France), from different religions and sects (all the main religions and sects). Moreover , the United Nations has intentionally or unintentionally reached a standstill in stopping the bloodshed and the art of killing. Each time they try to repair the events from one side, it ruptures through the other side.
The Syrian events have evolved dramatically without precedent. The land of Sham has become a battlefield for the Nations. An experimental field for major types of weapons, ballistic and winged missiles, directed through arbitrary regimes and methods of espionage. For the first time we have begun to see meteors fired from military and sea bases, violating country ¬¬airspace, and falling into urban and rural areas of Syria. Thus witnessing Syrian atmosphere filled with different types of survey and espionage warplanes. For the first time in history we are witnessing the super and middle countries battle and announce their goals openly, reaching their limit in direct clashes. For the first time, as well, in history we are witnessing the creation of alliances under strange Islamic and Arabic pretenses. The strangest to that yet, from all these details, is the igniting of the hotbeds of fire… and wars in numerous countries at the same time.

Even the public who have not attained the master of novel sciences, not to mention the auditors and analysts, can now draw similarities between the novels of the three religions and between the present events. The search for secret signs and novels has become the main concern for the vast majority of scholars. The Appearance of Imam Al-Mahdi is on the tongues of all human beings. It is in their forums, and in their electronic, visual and audible media before He appears in person on the field of event.
Among these massive waves are analyzations and conclusions surrounding the role of the Russians, Turks, Westerners, and Arabs, and their involvement. What will be drawn in the upcoming phases is a sleepless sign under the title: “the Tremor of Levant” and what will be carried within it its events. Important, articulated, ¬and emphasised details in regards to the events of Levant and the precursors of the end of time. What is this tremor or earthquake that will occur in Syrian geography?

The Tremor of Levant.
There is a group of specialists in the signs pertaining to the honourable appearance that has linked the tremor of Levant to the sinkhole of Harsata. Opposed to that opinion is another group separating the two events from each other. The disagreement revolves around the cause that will lead to the fall of the western side to the Grand Umayyad Mosque in Damascus. Will it fall due to the tremor? Or the sinkhole? What is the role of the voice that will come directly after leading to the conquest of Damascus? Will the quake of Levant occur by human beings?
To answer these questions in a scientific, logical and clear way let us put the noble narrations from the books written by these two groups in front of us in order to extract the secrets, treasures and news that they contain. ¬

Narrations from Shiite Muslims
Narrated of Al Baqir, Father of Jaffar, peace be upon him, he said: The Commander of the Faithful, peace be upon him, said: If the spears in Levant are in disagreement, It will not settle except by a sign from the Allah’s signs.
It was said: “and what is it oh Commander of the Faithful?” He said: a quake will be in Levant. In it, one hundred thousand will perish. Allah will make it a mercy for the believers and a torment for the disbelievers… If that happens, then look to the owners of brownish golden horses with no ears and the yellow banners approaching from the west until they settle in Levant, then that is the greatest craze and the red death. Then look to the sinkhole in a village of Damascus called Harasta. If that happens, out will come the son of the liver eater from the dry valley, until he sits on the light of Damascus. If that happens then await the Mahdi peace be upon him (1).

Interpretation and conclusion: The Commander of the Faithful (AS) talks about a dispute between two spears or two banners or two camps. The dispute will not end except with a miracle or a sign from Allah’s signs. Which is a phrase consisting of: a quake that will happen in Levant whereby more than one hundred thousand will perish, its results will be mercy for the believers and punishment for the disbelievers. That means, the quake will happen in the midst of the events, during the course of the outbreak of this dispute and not before. The honorable narration then draws a map to the rest of the signs after the tremor. From the entrance of the yellow banners, to the occurrence of the sinkhole in Harasta, until the emergence of the Sufyani then the appearance of the Mahdi (May Allah hasten his appearance). Let us not let an important matter pass by before moving to the second narration, and that is, the sinkhole of Harasta will happen after the quake as it was mentioned in the noble narration.
In another narration: Jabir, son of Yazeed, Aljafee said: The father of Jaffar, Muhammad son of Ali, Albaqir (peace be upon them) said: Oh Jabir hold the ground and do not move your hand or feet until you see the signs which I will inform you of to comprehend. Its first being: the disagreement of Abbasid and I see you are not aware of, but speak of it after me, about me. A caller calling from the sky. A sound will come to you from the sky and a sound will come from the direction of Damascus with the conquest (in another location it states two callers calling in Damascus) The sinkhole of a village from a region of Levant called AlJabiya. One side will fall from the right side of the Damascus Mosque…(4)
Interpretation and conclusion:
Here Imam Al Baqir (peace be on him) states that the sinkhole in Jabiya will occur immediately after the sound of the Caller from the sky, without mentioning the quake. This call could be the voice of Gabriel (peace be on him). Possibly through a television broadcast. Allah is most knowledgeable. After the call of the Caller from the direction of Damascus with a relief (conquest). What is important to us in this matter is that the sinkhole of Jabiya causes the fall of the right side of the Damascus Mosque. This narration proves that the voice of the Caller from Damascus with the relief, is from the signs leading to the occurrence of the quake and sinkhole.. The voice of this Caller comes suddenly and unexpectedly as will be revealed though the following account: Father of Jaffar(peace be upon him) said: expect the sound to come to you suddenly from Damascus (in it) there is a great relief (5)

Interpretation and conclusion: So the voice of the Caller will come suddenly or unexpectedly from the direction of Damascus. This will bring good tidings of relief which brings us to a great matter. Possibly it will be good tidings of the appearance and advancement of one of the awaited characters or the news about himself or perhaps it will be good tidings of a victory in one of the battles.
¬¬ Narrations from Sunni Muslims
Al hakam son of Nafi about JiraH about ArDat said: If the Turks and Romans met — and swallowed in hole in a village in Damascus, and a group will fall west of their Mosque, three banners will be raised, the spotted and reddish, and Sufyanis, and a man will be confined and killed and whoever is with him, and two men will come out from the sons بني of the father of Sufyan and the victory will be to the second. So if you accept material from the spotted from Egypt, the Sufyani will come with his army against them. The Turks and Romans will be killed in Qarqisya until lions of the Earth are fully saturated with their flesh (2)

Interpretation and conclusion: This narration that is not attributed to the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) or to his household (peace be on them) as it appears, talks about a meeting of the Turks and Romans in Levant. It also talks about the sinkhole in a village from its villages leading to the fall of a group west of their Mosque. After that sinkhole, three banners will come out (the spotted, the reddish, and the Sufyani)… Far from the rest of the narration details, and following-up with regards to our topic, we find that the end of this narration is similar to the previous one. Meaning, the exit of the Sufyani follows the quake or sinkhole incident. Whereas we find in another narration from the Sunni novels speaks about the Levant quake in another manner…

Alwaleed spoke to us about the Father of Abd Allah, about Muslim son of Alkhaleel, about Abd Alkareem Abi Umaya, about Muhammad son of AlHaneefa. He said: The prophet of Allah, peace be upon him said “Early people from the west will enter the Damascus Mosque. They will look amongst themselves to its miracles then the earth quakes and the west of the mosque falls and sinkhole in a village called Harasta, then the Sufyani will emerge (3)

Interpretation and conclusion: The narration speaks about the entrance of western forces to Damascus reaching the Ummayd Mosue, and while they are walking around inside it and looking at its wonders of its architecture, aesthetic method of construction, the quake will occur and the western side of it will collapse. Then the narration adds: “and the sinkhole in a village called Harasta” The swallow will happen after the quake, then the Sufyani will emerge.

In conclusion:

At the end of the report we have reached the following conclusions:
-A tremor or earthquake must occur in Levant, being one of the greatest signs
-Following the quake of Levant a sinkhole in Jabya or Harasta
-Prior to the tremor there will be a disagreement between two spears.
– prior to that a voice of the Caller from the sky
– In the quake more than one hundred thousand will perish
– The effects of the quake will be positive on the believers
– From the signs, the fall of the western side of the Damascus mosque
As for those who say that the tremor has occurred, and in essence a nuclear explosion, we answer them by saying: this talk is not accurate, because we have not seen this number of deaths in this bombing. Also, its results on us was not positive. From the date of the Zionist strike on 05.05.2013 we have lost vast tracts of Syrian ground for the benefit of terrorist groups.
And to those who believe that the quake is the collective events of Syria, we say: what is your proof to these claims, and why has the Damascus mosque not been damaged until now?
I ask Allah to accept this humble work from us and to bless us and you the company of His successor in his land and accelerate for us his appearance.


(1): Lexicon of Al Mahdi narrations c 3/86 p / h 631.
(2): The Book of sedition for Naim bin Hammad, p. 170
(3): Sayings of Al Mahdi c 1/ r 149/270 h.
(4): Lexicon sayings of Imam Mahdi c 5: p. 20 modern 1452 (source 37).
(5): The absence of Nomani: 279 h 66.

Author: Ali Ahmed (Saqr Khorasan)
Translated by Mariam Al-Taha

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